March 2014 Ceili Dance

We had such a great turnout in February, with lots of new dancers. Maybe it is the functioning water fountain. Maybe it is the pleasant demeanor of the bartender. At the end of the night I saw that no one at all was sitting down while we were dancing the Fairy Reel. Norse Hall seems to be the place to be, now that so many dance venues in town have closed down. 

Friday, March 21, 2014
Lesson at 7:30 P. M.
Dancing to live music at 8:00 P. M.

Location: Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th Ave (at Couch Street and 11th). Parking in back or on street.

The Band: Hanz Araki, Cary Novotny, and Eddie Parente

Biddable children are welcome.