Summer Breeze

Dear Friends of Portland Ceili Society,
    Our expenses have been exceeding our revenue for quite some time now and we are going to have to change things up or shutdown. Norse Hall is an excellent hall, but too expensive to support dances with attendance hovering around 50 per dance (we need closer to 70). The real problem is that about the same 5 people, the Board, have been doing the work for a very long time. And we collectively have neither the time nor skills to properly market and promote the ceili. Without increased support and participation from the Irish dance community, the Portland Ceili Society may end its long run this season.
    We will attempt to continue running the ceilis as we have been doing as long as the money holds out (at this point we will at least go through October). It is very important the we get a good turnout for the September and October ceili. It would also be great if you could renew your membership at the September ceili, as that will provide a significant portion of our operating funds for the year. We are in the process of looking for other less-expensive venues, but that is up in the air at this point.   
    We are also looking for volunteers to organize ceilis. This entails selecting callers and/or dances, making sure there are volunteers for taking money at the doors. This is a one-ceili commitment. We on the Board will assist you in contacting callers and door volunteers and take care of everything else. If you have ever been unfulfilled with the type of dances done at a ceili (a perennial complaint), this is your chance to construct the ceili you always wanted! E-mail us at to volunteer.
    Of course, you are also welcome to join the Board. We have stripped down the responsibilities to the bare minimum: 2-3 face-to-face meetings per year. Run one ceili.
    If you can't spare time for our (dis)organization, perhaps you can spare some money. PCS is still a 501(c)3 corporation and hence tax-deductible.