Failte Romhaibh, a Chairde,
The Portland Fun Club begun in the early 1980’s and founded as the Portland Ceili Society in 1982, is no longer with us. As of May 20th, 2018 the longest running Ceili dance on the West Coast has come to an end. The rising costs of putting on the dances and the competing opportunities for “fun” in the Portland area has made it difficult to continue.
But damn was it fun! The 20 year run at the Portland Police Athletic Association was unbelievably joyous! The musicians that graced our dances were among the best on any continent:
Dale Russ, Johnny Connolly, Tom Creegan, Mikey Beglan, Randal Bays, Micheal O’ Domhnaill, Triona Ni Domhnaill, Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes, Mike Saunders, Seamus Egan, Felim Egan, Conor Byrne and Finn MaGinty just to name a few. Plus all the local lads and lasses that keep the tradition going: Geraldine Murray, Teresa Baker, Dan Compton, Jim Chapman, the versatile Cary Novotny and of course long time board member and musician at the ready Bob Soper! Then new kids in town: Preston Howard, Conor O’Bryan, Eric Killops, Richie Rosencrans and Bronnie Griffen. The list could go on and on.
Irish music and dance will not lessen because of our closure. The music is here to stay and there are still plenty of opportunities in the area for dances—our clubs’ purpose has just run its natural course. We do not have the capital to insure another season, the attendance to warrant one and the energy to put into it.
And yet the Party will continue! We encourage you to find and support Irish music and dance in the Portland Area! Where ever you see the opportunity to raise a pint, join in song, dance a jig, or play a tune jump right in. I believe we have one of the most vibrant traditional Irish music communities anywhere. We hereby pass the torch onto each and every one of you, friends, fellow members, fellow dancers and fellow musicians to go to the nearest Irish Pub, concert or dance and carry on the tradition that was once at the heart of the Portland Ceili Society.
Slainte, Bigi a rince,

The current board members: Stevyn Travillian, Claudia Mohr, Bob Soper, Amber Millmore and Phil Meehan wish to acknowledge the past board members for their work and support over the past years.
Our founders: Marylyn Zornado, Randal Bays, Fay Malloy, Peg Feindt, Maguerite McClay, Bill Bullick
Our gold club members: Carol Spellman, Mary Lowes, Jean and Denis O’Malley, Alison Pratt, Gayle Jewell, Ellen Yarnell, Christine Schullbach, Julia Bryson, Curt Porach, Kate Powers
Long time board members, Jack Kenny, Dick and Karen Cogburn, Maldon Meehan, Betty Woener, Nancy Jarrell and Mark Roberts , the Lewis and Clark Lads, Brad Rawls, and John Workiner, Bruce Kenny, Jennifer Snarski, Sarah Jane, Sam Keater Tom Milne, Joanne McNamara, John Campbell, and many more.
Hats off as well to the dozens of volunteers, and hundreds of dancers that have made our 36 years a total hoot.
Current members may claim a PSC T-shirt as a gift for their sponsorship.
The sound system will go up for sale.
We are accepting bids on the ceili sandwich board.
Proceeds after expenses will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank, as per our bylaws.