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PCS Mission
The Portland Céilí Society (PCS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, educate and encourage the practice of traditional Irish folk dances, songs and music in the Portland metropolitan area. The Portland Céilí Society has been hosting concerts, dances and events since 1982.

PCS is run on a volunteer basis. Both board members and regular members work to make to organization’s events possible. Portland Céilí Society is a member-based organization and membership is $15 annually. Membership entitles members to a newsletter, discounts at PCS events, voting privilege, a membership card and more.

PSC Irish Dance
The Irish word, ‘Céilí’, has several meanings. It can indicate a specific type of dance - Céilí figure dances - but it can also it can mean a dance event. At the Portland Céilí Society's third Friday Céilí dances it means an evening of traditional Irish music, dance & drink. At the events, Céilí dances, set dances and two hand dances (such as shoe the donkey) are called.