Failte Romhaibh, a Chairde, 

“Welcome dear friends.” Remember when our newsletter opened with this Irish greeting? Little did those fabled hard partying founders of the “Portland Fun Club” realize that 30 years later we would still have the most vibrant monthly ceili on the West Coast. Since 1982 we have leapt, housed and battered our way through high times and lean, made friends, met mates and lost loved ones. Though dancing has been our focus and Irish music the means, the Portland Ceili Society began and remains a community with heart.

You may have noticed that the attendance at the ceili is down as of late. It is still a whole lot of fun and we always seem to have a great mix of youthful exuberance and old time expertise, both essential to keep the tradition going. But the fact remains that the dances run at a loss.

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation now, thanks to Betty Woerner and the previous board of directors. And thanks to a few good years we can afford to struggle though this less than ideal economy. But we ask you, our membership and dancers, to consider a tax deductible donation this holiday season. Send us a check by December 31, 2011, and it could count as a deduction on your itemized return. We are not looking for a windfall, just some support from our community.

Our mission is to promote Irish music and dance in Portland. Help us reach out to new
dancers. Currently, dancers from Willamette University are giving the ceili high energy.
In the past both Reed and Lewis and Clark colleges have given us the lift needed to make it lively and successful. I’m sure it will happen again, we just have to be there when they come. You have to be there!

Thank you and See you at the Ceili,

The Portland Ceili Society Board of Directors

Volunteer today! 
The Portland Céilí Society is run on a volunteer basis. We couldn’t do it without you. PCS needs volunteers for many things, bellow is a list of some of the volunteers we need. If you would like to volunteer please contact the Portland Céilí Society. Volunteers receive free admission to the event they volunteer.

Work the door
Distribute flyers
Decorate the hall